Friday, 21 January 2011

...get set...

2 hours to go before leaving for the airport and the passports were nowhere to be found.  Having spent the last 2 weeks packing up our house, it could have been in any boxes at 3 different locations.  Panic set in.  Just before we started praying for them to miraculously appear, I located them in that super safe place I'd put them days ago.  God knows what we need before we do :o)

We flew from London, towards LA...the headset on my chair was dodgy and after a little bit of mentioning it to the staff, the 'concierge' (yes, Air NZ have a concierge service for economy) apologised, offered us a business class wine and cheese tasting and then a bottle of champagne to celebrate our honeymoon trip!  (Note: I told her that we were recently married and going to NZ to meet Mum's family for the first time...she took it as honeymoon, and no, we didn't correct her!)  So, so far so good...

Our transit at LAX led Tim to say 'We're in LA! This is where 24 is! Anything could happen!'  As it was, we stayed sat on the floor waiting for the plane to be cleared for a couple of hours, keeping ourselves entertained with travel Yatzee, complimentary crisps and water as Jack Bauer was nowhere to be found.

We're now in New Zealand - in the hospitable hands of my aunt and uncle.  We're currently surviving off of very little sleep from the flight but the promising smell of roast lamb in the oven for dinner is definitely worth pushing through... 

Our journeys begin on Monday - please pray for me as we will be camping.  I WILL be the outdoorsy kiwi that I have in me... Please pray for Tim - he has to put up with the slightly-less-active British lazy bones that I'd rather be...

Much love to all,

Tic Toc xx

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  1. I think i am commenting on your blog. the chances of that are considerably smaller than the chance of rolling yatzee for any 3 roll turn (347897 / 7552872 which is approximately 1 in 22 attempts). Keep rolling them dice.

    Andy Skog xxx

    p.s. chances of champagne on the flight 1 / 1 or otherwise expressed - a dead cert ;-)