Monday, 27 June 2011

The one where Tim has short hair

Jambo! - That's it - that's all the swahili we've learnt. Shocking. 

So a brief update cos nothing amusing water-based has happened :o)

We flew to Nairobi - picked up by a man called Emmanuel Bush (he likes to be referred to as Mr President) and driven to the Africa Inland Mission guest house. 3 meals a day and comfortable accommodation with a-mazing wi-fi! In truth we've slept a lot and mooched and been online planning the next stages of our adventure.

Sunday we did go to church, actually we went to one service after another as we enjoyed the first so much.  The pastor was playing air-bass-guitar. THATS how great it was.

Ventured into Nairobi today and didn't get robbed - yippee! Glad we went but prob won't go again - not really anything exciting there. Except a bar that we found...
View from bar
Short haired Timmy!
Local brew 'Tusker'
£1.30 for half a litre. So we had 2. (1 each that is - I mean we are missionaries in training sort of...)

So that's us for the mo...let me bullet point further plans (if you so feel inclined do pray for the following...if not, please think good, happy thoughts for us instead!)

  • Visiting Kibera tomorrow - Nairobi's largest slum, 2nd largest in Africa, where Tim helped build a church 13 years ago seeing if we can get involved in local projects for a couple of weeks...however we are homeless by Friday so prayers welcome for cheap and safe accommodation for the next coupla weeks!
  • Needing to learn Swahili so going to a language school...turns out they're all in Zanzibar (squeals of delight from me!) however it will be malaria-tastic and 1 person every 5 years gets eaten by a shark - apparently that happened just recently so we're not too worried. We think we'll go for the last week or so of July.
  • Hoping to spend August with friends from Perranporth beach mission, in Iringa, Tanzania.  They're setting up and running a guest house staffed by deaf people! Hope we can help somehow...
So that's us - plans may keep changing but all we know so far is that there is so much ahead of us I'm in that 99% excited 1% scared (or possibly vice versa!)


Tic Toc xxx