Monday, 20 December 2010

On your marks...

So...our first blog...just trying this for size....

To let you in a little bit on our lives at the moment, let me paint the picture of our year ahead!

I've finished my teaching job and Tim is finishing his job on 7th January.  We have a passion to travel abroad and ultimately live abroad in eastern Africa as of June.  The finer details aren't set yet but we will be travelling to Narobi, Kenya at the beginning of June with a view to spend a month or so with different charities in different countries including Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and maybe others!  We would like to settle in one of these countries for a few years but we wanted to get a feel for the area we might live in before actually settling and seeing the area of the world that we will live in too.

Before that,we're doing a bit of indulgent travelling before settling in Africa.  We're going to New Zealand for the month of January (leaving on the 19th) to visit Mum's family and to share Tim with them!  And then we want to do the same in the US!  Initially we wanted to visit for my cousin Jan's wedding where we get to spend time with the whole Rynda family but then we thought about extending it to drive across America!  Below you can see our journey...

Google Maps

So...we're flying into Los Angeles on 19th February and will be travelling towards Oklahoma City for 4th March and then we are visiting friends near Houston after that and then flying out of Newark, New Jersey on 14th April.  And everything else in between is up for grabs!  

Will keep you posted on who, what, where, when! 

Much love, 

Tic Toc xx

p.s. 'Tic Toc' is the collective noun for Tim and Nic Noc....x

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